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How to Pay Your UCC Fees at the Bank

Are you a freshmen or continuing student in the University of Cape Coast? Kindly pay attention as I walk you through the steps to pay your UCC fees.

As a student of the University of Cape Coast, you must understand how the fee payment system works. It is very important to pay your fees on time as it is the only guarantee before you can be made to register your courses in UCC.

The most common fees most students know of is the tuition fee. However, there are different kinds of fees students may be expected to pay at the University of Cape Coast. This includes;

  • School fees
  • Transcripts fees
  • Resit fees
  • Congregation/Graduation fees

Students must keep in mind that the university publishes the specific fee for each academic year on the student portal in the Fees column. The bills consist of your existing balance, fees payable, payment made for the year, total payment and balance carry forward.

Which bank can I pay my UCC Fees?

University of Cape Coast student can pay their fees at any of the following approved banking institutions:

  • Ghana Commercial Bank
  • ADB Bank
  • ABSA Bank
  • CBG Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Prudential Bank

Particulars Needed When Making Any UCC fees Payment

Students of the University of Cape Coast must provide the following details when visiting the bank:

  • Index number
  • Name
  • Programme of study
  • Study Centre

Note: After matriculation, students should use their index number, not their admission number, for all transactions.

How do I pay my UCC school fees?

The University of Cape Coast fee payment process is very easy and simple. Thus, students are advised to follow these steps carefully to pay their UCC fees:

  1. Visit any of the approved banks by the University of Cape Coast
  2. Request for a fee payment slip
  3. Enter the bank account details of the institution correctly or write the full name of the institution.
  4. Proceed to fill every information required on the fee payment slips, including your index number.
  5. Submit your fees and payment slip to the Teller
  6. Request a copy of your payment slip stamped and endorsed by the bank.

Important Notice after Payment of University of Cape Coast Fees

University of Cape Coast students should take this part of the article on how to pay UCC fees seriously to prevent any payment-related issues. Kindly perform the following tasks right after the payment of fees:

  1. Request for a computer-generated receipt as an evidence of successful payment of fees
  2. Ensure that the bank officials stamp and sign your pay-in slip.
  3. You have to sign against your name for slip submitted

Note: Your payment made will reflect at the fees column of your student portal after some few hours. Kindly cross check if the amount is the same as what you paid. In case you encounter any issue, kindly contact or re-visit the bank to resolve the issue.

Student are to know that the University of Cape Coast does not accept any personal cheque or direct transfer. Thus, payment are to be made at any of the approved banking institutions using CASH only.


Any student who overpays their fees has two options: either the difference is credited to their account for the next academic year, or they can request a refund. To request a refund, you must submit relevant documents to the provost of your college for processing.

I’d entreat each and everyone to have a personal file that contains all financial transactions made to the University, from the time of admission to the time of graduation.

Are you a University of Cape Coast student struggling to pay your fees? Learn about the eligibility requirements and how to apply for a StuFSO scholarship at UCC.

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