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UCC Cut Off Points 2023/2024 Academic Year – All Programmes

Do you want to know the approved UCC cut-off points for the 2023/2024 academic year? If yes, you’re at the right place as we present to you all the cut-off points and requirements needed to gain admission into the University of Cape Coast?

The University of Cape Coast (UCC) cut-off points is a very crucial factor to consider as a potential freshman if you want to be admitted into the prestigious institution. All applicants seeking admission to the University of Cape Coast must meet the cut-off points requirements before being considered for admission.

Is University of Cape Coast Cut Off Points Out?

The management of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has released the cut-off points requirement for all programmes. All applicants must know that the importance of meeting the UCC cut-off points minimum score as approved by the University is that you stand a chance to gain admission to the University.

University of Cape Coast Cut Off Points For 2023/2024 Academic Year

The University of Cape Coast (UCC) cut off points for WASSCE candidates is 36. However, for SSCE candidates, applicant must an aggregate of 24 or below. Applicants who get an aggregate exceeding the specified limit of the university will not be considered for admission.

The table below shows the list of programmes read in the University of Cape Coast (UCC) along with their respective cut off points.

UCC Cut-Off Points 2023/2024

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) 15 15
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 12 12
Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management) 20 20
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) 20 20
Bachelor of Commerce (Procurement & Supply Chain Management) 17 17
Bachelor of Commerce (Management) 17 17
B.A. (Social Sciences) Econs/Geo/Maths 25 25
B.A. (Population & Health) 26 26
B.A. (Anthropology) 28 28
B.A. (Geography & Regional Planning) 18 19
B.Sc. (Tourism Management) 32 32
B.Sc. (Hospitality Management) 20 20
B.A. (Arts) 33 33
B.A. (Communication Studies) 19 19
B.A. (Theatre Studies) 28 28
B.A. Music 28 28
B.A. (African Studies) 30 30
B.A. (Linguistics) 26 26
B.A. (Film Studies) 33 33
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
B.Sc. (Fisheries & Aquatic Science) 30 33
B.Sc. (Biochemistry) 15 15
B.Sc. (Nursing) 11 11
B.Sc. (Environmental Science) 29 29
B.Sc. (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology) 28 29
B.Sc. (Entomology & Wildlife) 28 28
B.Sc. (Biomedical Science) 19 19
B.Sc. (Forensic Science) 25 25
B.Sc. (Information Technology) 19 19
B.Sc. (Computer Science) 21 21
B.Sc. (Optometry) 11 11
B.Sc. (Laboratory Technology) 20 20
B. Sc. (Medical Laboratory Technology) 15 15
B.Sc. (Chemistry) 27 27
B.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) 23 23
B.Sc. (Water & Sanitation) 28 28
B.Sc. (Physics) 27 27
B.Sc. (Engineering Physics) 27 27
B.Sc. (Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics) 27 27
B.Sc. (Mathematics) 29 29
B.Sc. (Actuarial Science) 14 14
B.Sc. (Statistics) 27 27
B.Sc. (Mathematics with Economics) 19 19
B.Sc. (Mathematics & Statistics) 28 28
B.Sc. (Mathematics with Business) 19 19
B.Sc. (Agriculture) 32 33
B.Sc. (Agricultural Extension & Comm. Devt.) 30 30
B.Sc. (Agri-Business) 29 29
B.Sc. (Agro-Processing) 34 34
B.Sc. (Psychology) 20 20
B.ED. Home Economics (Food & Nutrition) 30 30
B.ED. Home Economics (Clothing & Textile) 30 30
B.ED. (Physical Education) 34 34
B.ED. (Social Sciences) Geo/Econs/History 14 14
B.ED. (Accounting) 13 13
B.ED. (Management) 15 16
B.ED. (Arts) 18 19
B.ED. (Social Studies) 18 19
B.ED. (Basic Education) 23 24
B.ED. (Early Childhood Education) 25 25
B.ED. (Science) 23 23
B.ED. (Mathematics) 18 19
B.ED. (Computer Science) 28 28

If you are eager to know whether you’ve gained admission to the University of Cape Coast, kindly read our article on how to check your admission status.

What is the Cut Off Point for Law in UCC?

Applicants must have credit passes in six (6) subjects with overall aggregate of 36/24 at the WASSCE/SSSCE respectively. Three of the six subjects should be in English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies and three must be in relevant electives.

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  1. Please I bought form for my child to offer law but I didn’t hear from the school and not even her second choice. She had 13

  2. I passed all my core subjects and my worst grade in the electives is C6 can I get admission to offer nursing or environmental science.

    • Applicants should have credit passes in six (6) subjects with overall aggregate of 36/24 at the WASSCE/SSSCE respectively. Three of the six subjects should be core subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies and three must be in relevant electives.

      • Thanks for the reply
        A friend of mine said since health is related to science I should have science electives in order for me to pursue health information management . But since I have gotten a valuable reply from UCC I will stick to that.

  3. Please I did home economics with biology and I passed really well. I want study dietetics please will I get admission

  4. I just found out that there is a student (a nice boy) who had seven A1s and one B2. The B2 is in English Language. He wants to become a medical doctor. That means he had A1s in all the subjects required to go to medical school except English that he had B2. He went to SDA Secondary School, Bekwai. He is currently in the village helping his father on the farm because his father does not have the money for him to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor. He actually did not even buy an application form to apply to any of the universities because he knew his father could not pay his medical school fees. I am writing to find out if the school:
    1) Will admit him if we are able to raise money to fund his medical school.
    2) Under the circumstances, will the school be willing to accept a late application?
    3) Will the school provide any financial aid to help him? I am going to put his case before the public if the school will admit him so even if the school will not provide any financial help, I hope an offer of admission will encourage people to help the student. It’s sad that such a talent will be wasted. He is never going find the money to go back to school if he does not get any help

    I will be willing to send his school results to the school if the school is interested.

    Posted on January 12, 2024
    Thank you very much.

    • The University of Cape Coast do not accept late admission. He can apply to pursue Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery for the 2024/25 academic year.

      With regards to your comment on financial assistance, the University provides financial aid to brilliant but needy students. You can read more on StuFso scholarship on our website. Kindly note that fresh students are not eligible to apply.

  5. A brother of mine bought ucc forms initially his maths was withheld but now they have released it. Is it possible that he will gain admission. He really performed well in his exams.

  6. Please when I add social to my best six I get 19 but if I add the science instead I get aggregate 24 will I please be able to offer information technology

  7. My son was offered admission to BSc. forensic Science though his preferred programme was Computer Science. This happenned because there was a delay in releasing his results (resitted in 2023) so we could only rely on his 2022 results that he had D7 in E-maths.
    Though he has already accepted and registered for the Forensic Science, now that the results is in, is it possible to change to computer science?
    He had aggregate 10 in the 2023 exams.

  8. Please I had the following grades
    Social Studies-B3
    Can I offer computer science please

  9. Please I had c6 in my core subjects and d7 in econs and management ,b2 in gka and food , will I be able to pursue Procurement and supply chain in ucc

  10. Please I am a final year student at my secondary level of education,I’m offering General Science so I want to ask what are some of the programme that I need to offer as a science student at UCC

  11. Please i am a final year student, also I am offering General Science as a course so I want to ask as a science student what are some of the programme that i need to do at UCC


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