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Privatise ECG to address the power situation, according to an energy specialist.

Executive Director for African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), Benjamin Boakye, has implored the government to privatize the Electric Company of Ghana (ECG).

He wants the ECG to be privatised to help solve the erratic power outages, commonly referred to as “dumsor,” in the country.

The power sector remains critical to Ghana’s economic growth and development, yet the sector has witnessed episodes of short-term stability and long-term unreliable supply despite successive government’s investment.

Recently, the government has come under a severe pressure to fix the perennial challenges in the sector to avoid the folding up of businesses in the country.

This has compelled business owners, civil society organizations in the energy sector and the general public to demand a load shedding timetable to enable people to plan and safeguard their livelihoods.

Mr. Boakye, addressing the media at a public forum on June 14 with the service providers and regulators underscored the need for the government to privatise ECG if it cannot efficiently and effectively manage its operations.

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Ben Boakye

He is optimistic that the sale of ECG to a private entity would enhance its operations to deliver reliable electricity to Ghanaians as well as saving the country millions of cedis.

“Government must privatize ECG and it doesn’t matter who buys it, what is important here is to ensure that the person is able to provide Ghanaians a reliable and efficient power supply.

Because we cannot converge here every day to discuss “Dumsor” whilst the government continues to spend millions of cedis that could be used to remove schools under trees in the country,” he stressed.



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