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University of Ghana Cut Off Points for 2023/2024 – All Programmes

Are you looking for information about the University of Ghana cut-off points for the 2023/2024 academic year? Well, you are in the right place as we provide important details about Legon cut-off points.

The University of Ghana cut off points is a crucial factor in securing admission to this prestigious institution. As one of the leading universities in Africa, the University of Ghana sets high academic standards to ensure quality education and maintain its reputation as a center of excellence.

The University of Ghana employs a highly competitive selection process, considering factors such as academic performance, standardized test scores, and other relevant qualifications. The specific cut off points vary across programs and is subject to change annually, depending on the number of applicants and the capacity of each department.

What is the University of Ghana cut off points for 2023?

Cut-off point indicates the minimum aggregate score that prospective students must achieve for consideration in various undergraduate programs. The University of Ghana cut off points for WASSCE candidates is 36 and 24 for SSCE candidates. Candidates who score below the cut-off points will not be considered for admission.

University of Ghana Cut-Off Points For 2023/2024 Undergraduate Admission

Programme Males Females
BSc. Biological Sciences 20 22
BSc. Agriculture 20 20
BSc. Earth Sciences 24 24
BSc. Agricultural Engineering 22 23
BSc. Agricultural Engineering (Feepaying) 22 22
BSc. Biomedical Engineering 9 10
BSc. Biomedical Engineering (Feepaying) 12 12
BSc. Computer Engineering 8 9
BSc. Computer Engineering (Feepaying) 10 10
BSc. Food Process Engineering 17 18
BSc. Food Process Engineering (Feepaying) 19 19
BSc. Materials Science & Engineering 16 17
BSc. Materials Science & Engineering (Feepaying) 18 18
BSc. Family & Child Studies 16 16
BSc. Food & Clothing 20 20
BSc. Information Technology 10 12
BSc. Information Technology (Feepaying) 14 14
BSc. Mathematical Sciences 17 19
BSc. Mathematical Sciences (Feepaying) 24 24
BSc. Physical Sciences 24 24
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 14 14
BSc. Psychology 20 20
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 7 7
Doctor of Pharmacy 8 8
BSc. Nursing 9 9
BSc. Midwifery 9 9
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 9 9
BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences 11 11
BSc. Physiotherapy 14 14
BSc. Nutrition & Dietetics 14 14
BSc. Diagnostic Radiography 13 13
BSc. Occupational Therapy 18 18
BSc. Respiratory Therapy 16 16
BSc. Education 24 24
BA. Education 24 24
B.Ed (JHS Specialism) 24 24
BA. Education (English) 24 24
BA. Sports and Physical Culture 24 24
BSc. Information Technology – Distance Education 24 24
BSc. Administration – Distance Education 30 30
BA. Distance Education 30 30
Bachelor of Laws 7 7
BSc. Administration – Legon Campus 8 9
BSc. Administration – Legon Campus (FeePaying) 14 14
BSc. Administration – City Campus 24 24
Bachelor of Arts (General Arts Background) 15 16
Bachelor of Arts (Fee Paying) 24 24
Bachelor of Arts (Business/Science/ Vocational Background) 12 12
Bachelor of Arts – City Campus 24 24
Bachelor of Fine Arts 22 24

Programmes with high demand and limited slots tend to have higher cut-off points. Applicants are advised to familiarize themselves with the legon cut off points for their desired programmes to assess their chances of admission and strive for academic excellence to meet or exceed these requirements.

What is the difference between regular and fee-paying?

The difference in the University of Ghana cut off points is related to the fee structure for university programmes. If a student does not meet the regular cutoff points, the university may admit them into a fee-paying program, which entails paying additional fees.

Why are there different cut off points for males and females in the University of Ghana?

The reason for having different cut-off points for males and females is the implementation of an affirmative action policy aimed at promoting increased female enrollment in tertiary education.

Does Legon accept D7?

Applicants are to note that the University of Ghana Legon does not accept grades of D7,E8 and F9 for admission to its undergraduate programs.

What is the cut off points for pharmacy in UG?

The University of Ghana (UG) cut off points for medicine (Doctor of Pharmacy) is 08. Applicants must have credit in any three core subjects: Mathematics, English, Integrated Science or Social studies and credit in three elective subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Elective Mathematics. These course must sum up to grade 08 or better to be considered for admission.

Can I get admission with F9 in maths?

WASSCE holders seeking admission into degree programmes at the University of Ghana must have at least C6 in all their three Core and Elective subjects. Any applicant who has grace D7,E8 and F9 in any of their three core subjects or three elective subjects will not be eligible for admission. We advise those students not to apply for admission to a degree program.

What grades do I need for University of Ghana?

An applicants for admission to a degree programme at the University of Ghana must have at least credits (A1-C6) in English, Mathematics, Science (for science related programmes) or Social Studies (for non-science related programmes) and credits in three elective subjects related to your program of study. Applicants must have a total aggregate not exceeding 24.

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