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UCC FRESHMEN: How to Select a Room in UCC Halls

Wondering about the process of how to select a room in UCC halls as a newly admitted student? Let’s walk you through the steps to make your accommodation selection smooth and hassle-free.

Many students have received the exciting news of their admission to the University of Cape Coast to pursue their preferred courses and obtain a degree certificate to work in their field of study. All successful applicants have been assigned to various hall of residence for their first year on campus. However, there is a need for students to select their preferred rooms in the halls assigned to them by the university.

The management of the University of Cape Coast understand the importance of providing freshmen with comfortable and conducive living environments. For that reason, the Univeristy have introduced a room selection system that gives student the opportunity to choose a room that suits their preference and needs.

Note that the halls within the University have limited space and cannot accommodate every student admitted into the prestigious University. There is a need to be fast in choosing a room within your assigned hall else you will be forced to rent a hostel.

This article will assist freshmen with a step-by-step guide on how to select a room within UCC halls.

What are the various halls at UCC?

There are various halls located in the University of Cape Coast campus. Every student is affiliated to one of these halls.

There are eight halls of residence in the University of Cape Coast. These include:

  • Oguaa Hall
  • Adehye Hall (Female only)
  • Atlantic Hall
  • Valco Hall
  • Casley Hayford Hall (Male only)
  • Kwame Nkrumah Hall
  • SRC Hall
  • Superannuation Hall

How to select a room in UCC halls

  1. Visit the UCC student portal
  2. Enter your registration number and default password.
  3. Click on Room Selection tab at the left column of your phone screen.
  4. Select a room from the list of available rooms displayed on your screen.
  5. Click Okay to agree to the tenancy agreement forms.
  6. Print and make copies of the tenancy agreement letter.
  7. Submit a copy to your assigned hall upon arrival on campus.

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What are the Important Documents to Take Along to School as a UCC Freshman?

Freshmen admitted to the University of Cape Coast can find the necessary documents required for school below;

  1. Passport/National ID or any form of ID
  2. A copy of Admission letter
  3. Copies of all receipts
  4. Tenancy agreements slip (Hall of residence)
  5. Passport photos
  6. Copy of Admission letter
  7. Reference number and PIN

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Cape Coast. We are delighted to welcome you to our campus and wish you a successful and enjoyable academic journey.

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