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How to Apply for GETFund Scholarship in Ghana

Did you know that you can obtain a scholarship to further your education in Ghana and abroad? Relax and read as I take you through how to apply for a GETFund Scholarship.

The Ghana Education Trust Fund, commonly known as GETFund, is a scholarship scheme which was established by an Act of Parliament in 2000 (Act 581). The goal of the scheme is to support education by providing scholarships to needy but brilliant students, enabling them to pursue their studies with ease.

The scholarship scheme provide support for Ghanaian students in the senior high schools and tertiary institutions by paying their tuition fees and other expenses. It also provide the educational sector with educational materials to facilitate teaching and learning.

This article will help students who wish to apply for the GETFund Scholarship with the application process, eligibility requirements, deadlines and so on.

Is GETFund Scholarship Available?

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) is accepting applications for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Local Scholarship (Diploma, Higher National Diploma (HND), Degree, Maters Degree Programs) for the current academic year. The portal has been opened for eligible students pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate studies at any of the public tertiary institution in Ghana.

What Does the GETFund Scholarship Cover?

The scholarship has benefits that amount to a full scholarship, including paid tuition and other expenses are taken care of. However, the GETFUND scholarship might also be created to just cover tuition costs, excluding extra expenses like boarding, food, and stipends.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for GETFund Scholarship?

All applicants must meet the following minimum requirement to be eligible for the Ghana Education Trust Fund:

  1. You must be a Ghanaian citizen
  2. You must be admitted into an accredited tertiary institution in Ghana or abroad
  3. A minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher
  4. Applicant must be pursuing a programme which is relevant to the development needs of Ghana
  5. You must demonstrate a proof of financial need

What are the Application Requirements for undergraduate students?

Undergraduate students must submit scanned copies of the under-listed documents to stand a chance of being considered for the scholarship:

  1. An admission letter clearly stating the program duration
  2. Proof of Nationality
  3. Approved fee scheduled for the academic year
  4. Secondary School Certificate results (WASSCE, CTVET, and any other certificate recognized by Ghana Tertiary Education Commission GTEC) (where applicable)
  5. Previous academic term transcripts for continuing students (where applicable)
  6. Previous Undergraduate Certificate and corresponding transcript for applicants pursuing another Undergraduate certificate
  7. A signed application letter

What are the Application Requirements for postgraduate students?

Postgraduate students must submit scanned copies of the following documents to stand a chance of being considered for the scholarship:

  1. Signed Application letter
  2. Proof of Nationality
  3. Admission letter clearly stating the program duration in it
  4. Approved Fee Schedule
  5. 1st degree certificate
  6. Other degree certificate (PhD applicants only)
  7. Previous academic transcript
  8. National Service Certificate where applicable
  9. Curriculum Vitae

How to Apply for GETFund Scholarship in Ghana?

If you’re looking for a guide on how to apply for a GETFund scholarship in Ghana, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the GETFund Scholarship Portal via scholarships.getfund.gov.gh
  2. Enter the username and password you used during the account creation process
  3. You must complete the online form with required information
  4. Upload scanned copies of required documentation for vetting and shortlisting.
  5. Submit your application

Note that only shortlisted applicants shall be contacted after vetting processes are completed.

GETFund scholarship application letter

The GETFund application letter should include relevant information about the applicant, their institution, course of study, fees per academic year as well as other information the applicants deems pertinent.

How do I write a letter for a GETFund scholarship?

Your application letter should highlights your best qualifications for receiving the scholarship. The purpose of the letter is justify if you qualify for the scholarship. Note that your application letter should contain:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Contact information for the scholarship organization
  3. Introduction – featuring a significant accomplishment worthy of the scholarship
  4. Body – highlighting crucial information about yourself and why you are eligible for the scholarship.
  5. Regards, your signature and your name

How long does the scholarship application process last?

The duration of the scholarship application procedure may vary due to factors like number of candidates, the availability of funding, and the difficulty of the application requirements.

Typically, it can take months to finish the application process. Therefore, applicants are advised to begin the application process as early as possible to ensure timely completion.

What is the deadline for GETFund scholarship application?

The deadline for the Getfund scholarship application is June 31. Please ensure to submit your application early as possible with accurate information.

We believe that this guide has given you in-depth information on how to apply for a Ghana Education Trust Fund Scholarship. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends and colleagues.

Remember, starting your application early and paying attention to details can increase your chances of being awarded this scholarship. Best of luck!

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